Savannah, Georgia

Fair warning- Savannah has quickly become one of my favorite nearby destinations so you will hear about it often. This particular trip was planned to celebrate my best friend Tricia’s birthday.

First, I need to brag about the amazing job Tricia did finding the perfect AirBnB for us all to stay at for the weekend. The condo is downtown and within walking distance of everything we wanted to do that weekend. I parked my car on Friday afternoon and didn’t get into another vehicle until it was time to leave on Sunday. I’ve stayed other places outside of the downtown area to save a little money, but this particular place is absolutely worth it! We already have our next trip to Savannah in to works and are planning on booking the same spot.

Since I’m such a good friend I took Friday off to drive Tricia the 4 hours down to Savannah. She lives in Raleigh (for now), but is planning to move to Charlotte after the new year to live with me! She stayed with me on Thursday night and I drove the rest of the way on Friday morning. We were able to get to town early enough to get grocery shopping done and settled into the condo before the rest of our friends arrived.

Jonathan, Keat and Ashley are all from Florida and they showed up a few hours later, just in time to go to dinner at Barracuda Bob’s. We enjoyed this place because it was only a few blocks from the condo and it is right on the water so there are great views the entire walk. It is your typical sports bar so getting seated was a breeze and service was very quick so we could get back home and get ready for the night. After dinner Jason, who also now lives in Raleigh, showed up and our group was finally complete for the weekend and ready to take on Downtown Savannah. We started off the night at Barrelhouse,


which always has live music and ended the night at my favorite spot, Savannah Smiles, a dueling pianos bar. Make sure to keep some cash on you for Savannah Smiles, the cover is $5 a person. Also, one of the best things about Savannah is the open container law, but Savannah Smiles is one of the few places that will not let you bring your to-go drink in with you. Don’t worry though, there’s a very large area out front to hang out at and finish your drinks.

Saturday morning rolls around and the only thing we wanted to do was enjoy one of the many places that serves bottomless mimosas for brunch. I heard good things about The Ordinary Pub and tried to go on another visit but the wait was too long. I should have learned from that trip because once again, we had to wait. As you can imagine, bottomless mimosas are a very popular menu item so the wait was going to be 2 hours. We put our names down and ended up finding a Mexican restaurant down the street to eat at while we waited for our brunch reservation. 2 hours went by and we still hadn’t heard anything so we called. It was going to be another 30 minutes. We started to get a little nervous because it was already 2pm and bottomless mimosas stopped at 4pm. We also had a reservation at The Pink House for 5pm. Once we made it to the hostess they told us our table still wasn’t ready but we could go ahead to the bar to start drinking while we waited for the group at our table to leave.

Ordinary Pub
The Ordinary Pub

That’s all we needed to hear! Let’s just say we made the most of our time at the bar… We did eventually get seated so we also ordered some appetizers to offset all of the champagne we were consuming and the food was just as amazing as the drinks. My advise: definitely have brunch at The Ordinary Pub but make sure to get there early! They don’t take reservations ahead of time. Even if you have to wait, trust me it’s worth it.

We make our way back to the condo to get ready for our dinner reservation at the Pink House which is in about 45 minutes. As soon as we get to the condo we decide that we don’t want to get ready yet and we are in no state to go so we nap off bunch instead. After all, we had a full night ahead of us! We don’t know how good of a meal we probably missed at the Pink House but we had to get ready to head to my favorite rooftop bar, Rocks on the Roof, at The Bohemian Hotel. The Bohemian Hotel is right on the water and has an amazing view of the river and the infamous Savannah bridge. Summer in Savannah is a hot one but there is usually a nice breeze on the roof. The view is worth at least sticking around for one drink to take in the view and live music or DJ. I also love this place because it is pretty fancy but the drink prices are very reasonable and they make them strong! I’ve been to the Bohemian every trip I have taken to Savannah so far but this particular trip had the biggest impact on me. My friends and I are all trying to fit into one corner of the balcony to have the woman standing near us take our picture. As soon as we take enough pictures and the girls are looking through to pick out the best ones, that woman’s boyfriend comes back with a bottle of champagne, gets down on one knee and proposes! Bohemian engagementNow, every girl wants to have photos of their engagement so I took it upon myself to become their photographer. They were (obviously) both ecstatic and we congratulated them and found out that they were celebrating their 2 year anniversary and now their engagement. I have had my fair share of friends and family members get engaged over the years but this is the first time I have ever witnessed an engagement in person and it was absolutely beautiful! The love they have for each other turned me into a typical emotional girl and I am so happy for these two strangers that crossed our paths that night. I wish them nothing but the best!

As I mentioned earlier, it is extremely hot in Savannah in the summer. Once the hype from the engagement died down we decided that it was time to find an indoor bar to cool off. It should come to no surprise that we made our way back to Savannah Smiles to once again end our night.

Sunday morning was a hungover blur full of reminiscing on our weekend, cleaning the condo, saying goodbye to our Florida friends and our perfect AirBnB that we will definitely be returning to.

Until next time, Savannah!



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