Wilmington, North Carolina

Remember Tricia? Well this trip was all about celebrating her younger sister Jenna’s 21st birthday.

One major key is having friends who have houses in destination locations. Tricia’s family owns a beach house on Topsail Island which is about 45 minutes north of Wilmington. trailer-bar.jpgJust a few miles down the road from her house is Topsail Island’s diamond in the rough,  The Trailer Bar. This is where we spent our Friday night enjoying live music with all of the locals. There’s a jukebox inside that really gets the night going once the live band stops playing. The Trailer Bar is quite literally a trailer with a tiny bar inside where you can come as you are and enjoy cheap drinks. Everyone is accepted here as long you are down to have a good time. Oh, and the bartenders are basically local celebrities. It’s definitely an experience!

Saturday is a a relaxing day on the beach until it’s time to head to Wilmington and get Jenna’s birthday festivities started. We have to kick off the drive with a stop at the Beach Bunny ice cream shop to enjoy delicious waffle cones while we wait in traffic for the old swing bridge to do its hourly scheduled rotation. Blue Bunny.jpgOnce we get to Wilmington we have some time to kill so we spend it shopping around Mayfaire. Our favorite store is the Palmetto Moon where Tricia and Jason buy new Yeti coolers (yes, my friends sometimes have a spending problem). Dinner time rolls around and we head to Dockside where the food is good and the view is even better. You can enjoy casual dining right on the water! The painkiller is a must have drink while you are taking in all of the boats passing by.

Our next stop is the trolley pub with all of our packed new coolers in tow. Trolley pubWe spend the next 2 hours drinking and pedaling around Historic Downtown Wilmington. The concept is cool but man, it is hot out! We start our tour at 8pm so the sun has gone down but it is still pretty warm outside and the pedaling is not an act. Any time we head up a hill we all need to pedal and by the end of the tour we are all drenched in sweat. Not the ideal situation to go out afterwords but we, of course, do it anyway.

After our workout, we head to The Reel Cafe. This is one of the few places we find that doesn’t have a cover, or so we think. Being back in a college town means covers to get in most places and I am not big on carrying cash with me these days. The Reel Cafe is a three story bar and we have no problem getting into the first level where there is a live band. The second level is a karaoke bar and the third level is a rooftop bar. You have to pay $5 to get to and past the second level which threw us off since it was free to get into the bar. There is an ATM at the bar but it is back on the first level. The whole situation is quite an inconvenience but once we get to the second level it was all worth it to enjoy a night of karaoke full of singing Strawberry Wine at the top of our lungs.

The night led to yet another hungover morning and rough drive back home, which I consider a very successful birthday weekend.

Welcome to twenty-fun, Jenna!



Wilmington 2.jpg


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