Atlanta, Georgia

This trip was dedicated to seeing Taylor Swift for her Reputation stadium tour, so I will go ahead and apologize to anyone who isn’t a fan of hers because the concert was unbelievable!

atlanta.jpgI took off after work on Friday to drive 4 hours down to Atlanta to meet up with my best friend Clara, who I’ve known my entire life (she also lives in Savannah which helps with my new-found obsession with that town). Clara went to Georgia Tech, so we are back in her old stomping grounds and her friends from college, Steven and Hazel, are nice enough to let Clara and her complete stranger of a best friend crash on their couch/floor for the weekend.

Clara wants me to have a taste of what her college life was like so while Hazel is at the Friday night Taylor Swift concert, we all head to Ormsby’s for the night. This bar is very cool because you walk in the first level and it looks like your average bar. But then you walk downstairs and there are indoor bocce ball courts, ski ball, pool, and plenty of games to grab off the shelves so you can stay entertained for hours! We can’t get too wild because Clara is a HUGE Taylor Swift fan and there is no room for a hangover in order to fully take in the experience tomorrow.

Saturday morning, we wake up and I make us lunch plans with my younger cousin who moved to Atlanta about a year ago to enter into the real world. It is obvious that we are related because he tells us to meet him at Chick-Fil-A…he doesn’t even have to ask! We go out to the parking garage to leave and notice that one of Clara’s tires is completely flat. Well, we had to get to lunch so we decide to handle this problem when we get back. Once we get back from lunch however, it is such a struggle to figure out how to get the tire fixed. The company her road side assistance puts her in touch with says it will be about an hour before they can get to us to put her spare on (yes, we are typical girls who don’t know how to do this and also definitely don’t have the tools to do so). Well an hour goes by and we hear nothing… Time is quickly ticking by to being time to head to the concert and we do not have time to wait on this! After some more time talking to road side assistance, who also can’t get hold of the company that was supposed to come put the spare on, Clara decides that this isn’t worth the stress this close to Taylor Swift time and it will be a Sunday morning issue. This is of course after we find out that Firestone will be able to put a new tire on in the morning. Now we are able to forget about the flat tire for now can focus on getting to Taylor Swift!

Doors to the stadium opened at 4 so we get dropped off around 4:30 at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which is incredible! Mercedes-Benz StadiumI’m a huge football fan (my dad raised me right!) so I am probably more excited to see the stadium than the concert. We have to get to the stadium so early because there are multiple Taylor Swift picture opportunities that Clara needs to get pictures in front of. Like I said, HUGE fan. We are able to hit 2 out of 3 photo ops and then it is almost time for Charlie XCX to come on for the first opener. Boom Clap was my college roommate’s favorite song, so I want to get to our seats before she gets on stage. Thankfully she opens with that song, so I was able to send a video to Jessie, my old roommate, and then we take off back to where the 3rd photo op was. By this time, since the opener has started, the lines have really died down and it takes no time to get the final picture! We make it back to our seats in time to see Camila Cabello preform as the second opener. They are both awesome!

taylor-swift-e1536674111926.jpgFinally, the moment Clara has been anticipating for months… it is time for Taylor Swift to come on stage. I’m not exaggerating, Clara is shaking and crying with excitement. I don’t think there is any performer I like as much as Clara loves Taylor Swift. It is crazy to also see a lot of other people almost on the same level of excitement as Clara. Tay has a killer opener and I don’t want to spoil anything, but the concert was absolutely amazing. I saw Taylor back when she did her Red tour and was not super impressed but let me tell you, she has really stepped it up! The way she can take over the stage without a band or any backup dancers around her is incredible! Taylor Swift 4You can also tell that she has put in so much effort from the light and pyro show, to the bracelets you get that light up with the music. The concert is at the top of my list of the best I’ve been to in my life. It also helps that Clara was able to upgrade our seats at the last minute, so we are sitting in the lower level and super close to one of the ‘B’ stages where she comes out into the crowd and preforms a few songs. It is an awesome experience to be so close to her! We spend a long time that night reminiscing on how awesome the concert was, and also discussing how we are going to tackle getting Clara’s tire getting fixed in the morning.

We set an early alarm to call roadside assistance again and this time we finally get someone to show up to put the spare on and Firestone tells us we will be good to bring the car in to get the flat tire checked out. I follow Clara to Firestone and they tell us we will have to wait a few hours. They are super busy since it appears they are the only auto shop open on a Sunday…. This is fine, we aren’t in a hurry to get home and I was able to meet up with my cousin again and go to church with him. Once I get back to Clara, I assume her car is close to being ready and that she’s gotten a call from Firestone… wrong. We’ve heard nothing, so we drive to Atlantic Station to pass some time. Still nothing. Finally, Clara gets frustrated enough and calls Firestone to check on the status and lucky for us, they tell her the car is ready. Well, okay. Thanks for not calling to let us know but we are glad it’s ready! So, we get in the car, drive to Firestone, only to pull into the parking lot and see the spare tire still on her car. Turns out, they  looked at her flat tire, decided it couldn’t be repaired and that she would need to get a completely new tire, but didn’t call her to see which kind of tire she would want to put on and filed her car as completed. Well it’s a good thing we showed up! She was able to pick out a new tire and by the time we go across the street to grab some lunch, they are actually finally finished, and her car is all set to drive back to Savannah.

The tire might have been the most interesting part of the weekend but all in all, the concert was incredible, and I highly recommend paying a visit to the new Falcons stadium! Maybe not for a Sunday football game though, that way you can enjoy the Chick-Fil-A they have inside.

Thank you, Clara, for the very eventful weekend and getting to enjoy Taylor Nation.

Atlanta 2




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