Savannah Music Festival

Yes, another weekend dedicated to Savannah! This weekend was all about enjoying relaxing bluegrass music at the Savannah Music Festival.

I’ve known my friends Lee and Clara my entire life through our church we were raised in. Lee has excellent music taste and discovered the Savannah Music Festival because one of his favorite bands, Mipso, is going to be playing. Mipso is an extremely talented band that started in Carrboro, North Carolina and my friend Jason and I are also fans, so we all decide to pay a visit to Clara in Savannah to enjoy this festival.

Jason and I take off from Charlotte on Friday afternoon to head to Clara’s house for the weekend. Once we arrive, we patiently wait for Lee to get to the house from Raleigh, North Carolina. Once all 4 of us are finally together in Savannah, we head downtown. We start off at The Bohemian’s rooftop bar, Rocks on the Roof, to enjoy all of the sights of Savannah by the water. Clara, Lee, Jason, MeWe then make our way to Savannah Smiles but first, we make a pit stop at Stafford’s Public House because they were giving out free shots and who can turn that down? Well, Clara can because she has already had a little too much to drink so after we leave Stafford’s we end up calling her an Uber and sending her home. Once we send her safely on her way, Lee, Jason and I are determined to have just as much fun as Clara had! We enjoy live music at Savannah Smiles and eventually make our way to Saddle Bags where Jason happens to know a bachelorette party and the rest of the night is a little blurry until we make it back to Clara’s house. We go to open the door and it’s locked… We check under the door mat for her key. Nothing. We ring the doorbell over and over while I call her phone over and over. Nothing. We walk around to the back of her home to see if the sliding door might be unlocked. It isn’t. We continue to call and ring her doorbell hoping that it will trigger her dog to wake her up. It doesn’t. Lee finds a rock and thinks that we can break part of her front door window to be able to let ourselves in. For a second, I consider the idea until Jason tells us not to break the window. Jason is laying on the ground by her garage because he has already accepted that we will be sleeping outside tonight. I refuse to sleep outside and am determined to not give up until Clara wakes up. I go to the back of her house again to bang on the door some more, just hoping her dog will start barking. Still nothing. When I walk back to the front of the house, Jason and Lee are both on the ground now ready to sleep outside. My mind starts racing, thinking about all of the bad things that could happen if we sleep outside. I go to the door and continue ringing the doorbell and calling. No answer. Lee gets up to go to the back of the house again with me and this time we decide to throw things at her bedroom window. He throws a branch and hits her window and the window opens! Clara is so confused about what is going on and we yell to her to come downstairs and let us in. She’s basically delusional as she lets us in and sees our relief but heads straight back to bed to figure it all out in the morning. It’s been a long night, so we all pass out almost immediately.

Saturday morning, we all wake up and tell Clara our story of trying to break into her house. She laughs at us because she did leave a spare key out for us, just not under the door mat like people usually do. She has a tall package at her front door that she hasn’t brought in yet and she stuck the key inside the top of the box. Funny thing about that is we moved the box many times while we tried to look for the key!

Moon RiverAfter reminiscing about our night, we all get ready and head into town to find some brunch before the festival. We originally planned to go to The Ordinary Pub to enjoy bottomless mimosas, but the wait was going to be a while and we want to make sure we get to the festival in time to see Mipso’s first performance of the day, so we set off to find another place to eat. We end up stopping at Moon River Brewing Company to enjoy some delicious seafood and Bloody Mary’s to get rid of last nights hangover and ready for today. Between the amazing oysters and drinks, I am ready to take on a full day of music!

The Savannah Music Festival is a short walk from our lunch spot and as we are walking in we realize we timed everything perfectly because Mipso is starting their first set. After getting beers, we find a nice spot on the hill to spread out our blanket, kick our shoes off, and settle in to a day of live music and day drinking. The setup for this event is perfect because there is no bad spot to see the main stage. As soon as the performers on the main stage finish, there is a stage off to the side where the next performer begins almost immediately while they begin to set up the main stage for the next artist so there is never a long break between music.  It is hard to want to get up to go get food or drinks or go to the bathroom because every single artist is incredibly talented, and you don’t want to miss a minute of it!SMF 4

As the sun starts to set, we are getting closer and closer to Mipso’s second performance of the day. This one will take place in their music hall that is in back of the outdoor space. About 30 minutes before the doors open, Lee goes to get a spot in line to make sure we are some of the first people to get into the venue. SMF 2Our plan works perfectly because as soon as the doors open, we get in and score a table right up front next to the stage. This venue is very small and intimate but relaxed all at the same time, so we get to enjoy the band telling jokes and interacting with the crowd more. It is a very cool experience being so close to the stage because you can hear the singer’s voices before it hits the speaker system and you can really appreciate the raw talent that they all have. Jason and I had originally planned on only staying for a few songs and then leaving to go back out to the main stage where one of his favorite bands, Tedeschi Trucks Band, is performing the final set of the night, but we are so mesmerized by Mipso in this setting that we decide to stay for the entire set. Once the set is over and we come out of our trance, we head back outside to the main stage to watch Tedeschi Trucks Band close out the night, which was an incredible finale!

Once the concert ends, we catch an Uber back to Clara’s house where we planned to shower and go back out for the night. Once we got home and clean though, we decided that staying in and ordering pizza was a much better decision and we all fall asleep early that night. In the morning we get tornado warnings, so we all decide to leave early to try to avoid storms. It was a rough drive back home, but we made it and are ready to go back to the music festival next year!


See you in 2019, Savannah Music Festival!





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