Jacksonville, North Carolina

This was a very short trip taken just to go see country music’s up and coming hottest singer, Riley Green.

riley green 2A few months back Tricia asks me if I would go to a concert with her to see some guy named Riley Green. I have never heard of him but tickets are cheap and I’m always down to go to a concert so I agree. She proceeds to play some of his songs for me and I am instantly hooked! This good ol’ country boy has a great sound and some very relatable songs that will bring out your inner country. Then she shows me his Instagram profile and wow! I fall in love. Ladies, do yourself a favor and follow this beautiful human being. You’re welcome! I spend the next few months listening to all of his songs and memorizing every word.

Thursday afternoon I take off from work and drive 4.5 hours to meet Tricia at her beach house on North Topsail Island, which is about a 20 minute drive from Jacksonville, North Carolina. topsail 3This trip is completely worth taking a day off from work. I get to the beach with enough time to relax and enjoy a great meal Tricia cooks for us, and some drinks to prepare for the concert. The doors open at 7pm so we make sure to leave with enough time to make it by then so we can get a good spot close to the front. We are hoping he will notice us because I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to marry that man 😉 We get to Hooligans Pub and Music Hall right as they begin to let people in and the line isn’t too long so it’s looking good for us! This venue is neat because once you get inside there is a room with pool tables, the bar in the middle, and an area they are selling merchandise against the right wall and then there is a closed off doorway that leads into the actual concert venue. Everyone enjoys more drinks for about an hour until they open up the door and everyone rushes to get a good spot inside the venue. We end up only being a few rows back!

We patiently wait through Riley’s two openers, Justin West and Trea Landon, who are both extremely talented as well! Finally the lights go down, the band comes out, and the riley-green-3.jpgscreams get louder and louder as Riley finally comes out on stage to open up with ‘Atlantic City.’ The next hour or so if filled with all of his top hits and some great covers. After the show he comes off the stage to take pictures so Tricia and I make our way to the gate on the side but he turns to head backstage instead of towards us. The band keeps playing and everyone keeps dancing around while I quickly try to get on Instagram to direct message him asking for a picture. He sees the message but unfortunately for us, he doesn’t respond or come back out to the crowd. Not to worry though, we know for the next time. We are already patiently waiting for him to release his 2019 tour dates so we can plan a trip!

We all pile out of the venue with ringing ears and as Tricia and I get in the car we immediately put on Riley Green to reminisce on the concert. We were definitely not ready for it to be over! We get back to the beach house and continue to talk about how great the concert was until we finally fall asleep. We both have early mornings of traveling ahead of us but this one night in Jacksonville, NC was totally worth it!

Until we see you again, Riley (and hopefully meet)



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